A Training in Participatory Leadership

Click here to view the 2013 training website.

We invite you to explore an approach to leadership that not only sparks possibility, but also commitment and action. The Art of  Participatory Leadership brings forward knowledge and drive that may be hidden in your teams and community, and galvanizes  alignment. It enables you to bring out the best in groups in a way that creates common understanding and decisions that stick.

Work and life are increasingly complex: once jobs were routine, your skills lasted you years, and your colleagues came from your community. Today we are faced with environments where change is a way of life, we work with people who were raised in cultures dramatically different from our own, and face challenges that are beyond a person, a company and even a country to solve. People often complain that others are resisting change,  dragging their heels, stopping the team from progressing. Yet we ourselves can feel overwhelmed by the scale of the issues we need to address and uncertain what to do.

Breaking Through
When you work in a group in which people participate deeply, you feel the energy grow and possibilities build. Harnessing the knowledge, intelligence and energy of a group helps everyone create and share understanding, and take decisions you can trust. Being able to work in a way that ensures people contribute their diverse knowledge and skills to meeting a common purpose is the crowning skill you need to prosper.



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